“At this moment in time, we are deeply embroiled in a tumultuous political environment where injustices occur every day. Recently, we have seen aspects of our civil liberties attacked, minimized, and even taken away. It is incumbent on us to take heed of how this can, and will adversely impact us as a country, community and as a people.

Our apathy and complacency is causing us to not hold ourselves, and others in position of power, responsible for this dilemma. Yet we must take responsibility for our own communities. We must all take a serious look at what’s happening in our country, especially in our local communities.

We as a community and a people must get involved in the political process. In Indian River County, we are being confronted with major issues in our Educational System that must be addressed with our civic involvement and votes. We were informed seven years ago by Attorney Eric Holder that Education would be the new battleground for Civil Rights and indeed, that has held to be true. Unresolved problems with the Desegregation Order must be addressed expediently so that the future of our children is the best it can be!

With two seats opening on our School Board, these seats must be filled by persons that are totally in tune to, and willing to fight for the needs of our children without a personal agenda.

Our children must receive a proper and equal education. As we look at our present education situation; graduation rates; student benchmarks (AA), bridging the gap, recruitment of African American make teachers, dress codes (confederate flag), code of conduct (zero tolerance) and therapeutic release are issues of the most importance to solve. No longer can we stand on the sidelines, we must get involved. We must become a part of positive change. Ladies and gentleman, please make your vote matter locally in the education of our children. Get involved and let your voice be heard and your actions be seen!

Anthony J. Brown, President
NAACP, Indian River County Branch