actso“If you believe you can do it, Then…ACT-SO!”

Why Should I Participate in ACT-SO? As a high school student bombarded with homework, clubs, sports, and more, the last thing you want to is add another activity to your list. On the other hand, you may be a student who just cant seem to find activity that interests you. Either way, ACT-SO will provide you with the tools to help you increase your confidence, achieve your goals, and become a success.

At ACT-SO meetings and workshops, we will teach you how to successfully compete against your counterparts by inspiring you to do your absolute best, teaching you the importance of preparation and presentation. ACT-SO pushes you need to reach your maximum potential.

Unlike other extracurricular activities, ACT-SO provides you the opportunity to showcase your talents in variety of fields including performing arts, visual arts, sciences, humanities, and business. ACT-SO will also provide you with mentors that share your interest, who will provide you with the counsel and advice needed for you to reach your goals.

Top 5 Reasons to Join Still not convinced?

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should join ACT-SO Indian River:

  • You get to meet and compete against talented students from across the country.
  • We teach you real life lessons that will help you succeed in both the classroom and life.
  • You can win cash prizes and a brand new laptop.
  • It will look great on your college resume.
  • We’re not just another boring activity. We actually have fun!

Awards and Prizes

Above all, ACT-SO is a learning experience in which prizes are awarded. At the ACT-SO local level, gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded unspecified prizes. Finalists who advance onto the ACT-SO National level, are awarded with medals, cash prizes of $2,000 (gold medalist), $1,500 (silver medalist) and $1000 (bronze medalist) in each category and an all expense paid trip to the National ACT-SO competition. In addition, many other awards, and prizes are awarded to national finalists which are provided by national sponsors.